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We all change our minds…. The

We all change our minds…. The tattoo you loved just a few years ago may no longer reflect who you are today. In the past, there wasn’t much you could do about it – or what you could do about it was long, drawn out, costly, and painful. But thanks to advance technology, tattoo removal is a lot faster, easier, and less painful than it used to be. At Signature Skin clinic, we use the most advanced laser technology in the world to remove tattoos faster, more efficiently…and with virtually no pain.

Fillers can bring about the

Fillers can bring about the magic of a traditional facelift without having to go through the trauma and financial burden of a surgery. The wrinkles are filled within 30 minutes and instantaneous results are noticed. Fillers are collagen complexes that are injected to plump up the skin in order to diminish the appearance of uneven facial areas, wrinkles, fill in the grooves, and enhance facial features. At Signature Skin, we use internationally trusted cosmetic fillers e.g. Juvederm Voluma, Volubella and Volift Juvederm Voluma is internationally acclaimed smooth gel dermal filler which is FDA approved. The effect of single treatment can last up to one year. It mimics the effect of natural collagen that is found in the body in order to plump up the sunken areas of cheeks and chin. Volubella and Volift which on the other hand are highly effective in areas such as lips and under the eyes.

Botox injections use FDA appr

Botox injections use FDA approved purified protein which temporarily relaxes the muscle that causes wrinkles in order to diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles. Most of the facial lines and wrinkles resulting from over activity of certain muscles can be treated with Botox. It helps in relaxing the muscles and results in overall youthful look. Following conditions can be successfully treated with Botox: Frown lines – Vertical lines between the eyebrows and horizontal lines which can go across the forehead and may or may not be related to aging. Crow’s feet – Repetitive motions caused by smiling and squinting can lead to fine lines near the corners of eyes. Contouring jaw line – In order to redefine and shape up the jawline. Eyebrow lift – Eyebrows that have begun to droop with ageing can be treated. Gummy smile – Visible gums when smiling can make the smile gummy and this condition be treated with Botox. Botox is the best and safest nonsurgical alternative to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Botox is cost effective compared to other cosmetic procedures and results are long-lasting. The treatment is fast, convenient and virtually painless.

Skin diseases interfere with t

Skin diseases interfere with the Quality of life. At Signature Skin, our doctors treat each patient with a deep understanding of this fact. They are professionally very well trained and have a vast global experience in handling most skin diseases. Chronic skin diseases such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema, Allergies and Urticaria are treated in a holistic manner with patient specific protocols. The diagnosis is explained in detail with the guidelines to manage your life-style in order to attain maximum benefit of the treatment prescribed. The underlying causes, if any, are addressed simultaneously to help impact the disease process itself. Our doctors are always striving to bring forth the latest treatment strategies to counter skin diseases.

At Signature Skin we are devot

At Signature Skin we are devoted to rendering your skin clear! Whether it is mild or severe acne, our treatment protocols help you to achieve acne free skin. Besides our medical advice and therapy, we have specific laser treatments for acne including the IPL system and the medical facials. Both of which target the various mechanisms, which lead to acne formation. When the acne clears, the body tries to repair the skin with collagen formation- too little or too much of it produces a depressed or raised scar. We treat acne scars with Nano-fractional Radio Frequency technology, which resurfaces the skin with enhanced effectiveness and patient comfort. There is very little or practically no down time and visible results are seen after 3-5 sessions.

Vitiligo is a skin disease cau

Vitiligo is a skin disease causing the appearance of white patches due to destruction of melanocytes (colour producing cells). This unpredictable, cosmetically disfiguring disease impacts the quality of life of patients disproportionately. Treatment is aimed at preventing spread and achieving pigmentation in a holistic manner. At Signature Skin, we provide medical, surgical and the most advanced laser therapy for treating vitiligo. Our doctors have a special interest and acumen in treating this disease and therefore have designed several protocols combining different modalities to help gain pigmentation. Thorough evaluation, examination and counseling are also offered. The laser therapy rendered by the Excimer system is effective, safe and well tolerated and administered twice weekly for 24-48 sessions. Stable vitiligo is treated by surgical methods which are most suitable depending on the area involved.

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